Poster Design Project Process

Happy New Year 2020! My plan this year is to post projects, design thoughts, commentary, observations and any related ideas I think might be relevant to the Graphic Design field, design students, or anyone wondering how Graphic Designers work or what they do. Feel free to comment and add feedback to any of my posts. I welcome any and all dialog. PROJECT Italian Film Festival USA Poster Design 2020  - Design Process So I have commited to doing the 2020 version of the poster, having completed one for the 2019 Festival. I decided to do this Pro Bono/In kind project after attending a number of the films in Detroit and noticed on the intro trailers they had a call for a volunteer to design the poster. I was also inspired by my trip to Sicily in 2017, which still was fresh in my mind since I was doing watercolors, collage and illustrations from photographs I had taken while there, so I had Italy on my mind . As I began my thought process for this